Kneura (Web) Release Notes

March 2021

  • Multiple document downloads issue fixed when opened from My Files.
  • New Dashboard design in Kneura Cloud with updated left navigation bar.
  • Updated Management sections UI.
  • Users cannot use any temporary generated or unidentified emails for signup.

February 2021

  • Scheduler feature enabling the user to create and manage the events in the calendar with real time and reminder notifications.

January 2021

  • Institute level detailed Admin Reports with download as PDF option.
  • Auto AI course creation feature with videos and auto generated quiz.
  • If a student attempts a question with a tagged topic , the knowledge score for that topic will be updated for the student and can be tracked.
  • Import for KSAR is supported when adding a question into assessment
  • Raise Hand feature in live class for students for doubt clarification.
  • Mouse Pointer feature which allows the teacher to see the students mouse cursor(and vice versa) when collaboration access is given.

December 2020

  • KTV feature which enables Teachers to create custom courses using Lessons, Videos and Tests and students to take the courses.
  • Bulk upload on Cloud will now show a progress indicator popup with count and proper message to the user.
  • New PDF viewer feature added for viewing PDF documents.
  • Fixed assessment results related issues for subjective questions.
  • Admin/Staff access production issue fix.
  • Whiteboard Single Word text break fix.
  • Pagination Support added for student management with optimised backend support.
  • Admin/Staff access upgrade issue is fixed.
  • Server crash after topic search is fixed.
  • Video Player not playing video in my content tab is now fixed.
  • Undo redo fix for strokes and shapes.
  • The students images are taking the default images on the view assessment on the teacher’s end(if student image is not uploaded) .Now it will be replaced with student’s avatar
  • In Kneura Cloud --> course management --> after creating custom course and custom topic , that custom topic was not searchable while adding question to assessment is fixed in Kneura Teach.
  • During subjective question evaluation for a specific scenario , number of correct and number of visited was displaying incorrect data. This is now fixed.
  • When student starts attempting the assessment , negative 1 was showing in the timelimit. This is fixed now.
  • Student management table was showing wrong number of students for any list more than 2500 students. This is fixed now.
  • Student Management table API and query optimisation.
  • Guardian name now is not visible in the student table and is visible everywhere else as earlier. This is part of the huge data optimisation.

November 2020

  • Added account for cc in payment invoice.
  • Updated Text Sync support added.
  • Page specific background feature with sync.
  • KSAR Youtube video fullscreen issue fix.
  • User can now use License key after billing cycle ends to renew the license.
  • Fix for bulk import issue which causes an email to be both teacher and student.
  • Teacher should be able to rollback already published assessment
  • If any student is attempting the unpublished assessment, a popup is shown saying rollback of assessment.
  • If any student attempts to open rolled back assessment using publish notification, a popup is shown saying rollback of assessment.
  • Every time the assessment is published , a new notification will be sent to all students.
  • Every time the assessment is published or rolled back , assessment list will be auto updated in the student side.
  • Assessment auto submit issue is fixed.
  • Bahasa language added for Teach, Learn and Cloud.
  • Sign up contact number has been now made mandatory.
  • Default attributes for Pen, highlighter and text Box is added.
  • Video thumbnails on lower resolution mobiles is added and position issue is fixed.
  • Document icons position on lower resolution mobiles is fixed.

October 2020

  • Thumbnail for youtube videos are fixed for custom bulk content.
  • Progress bar will be shown per row while importing bulk content instead of directly jumping from 0 to 100.
  • Document Upload in question in KTeach and KLearn.
  • Previewing the assessment, the documents uploaded are now possible.
  • Video of webcam will occupy full size of the collaboration panel.
  • Audio microphone indicator added for student in the collaboration panel.
  • Audio microphone indicator added for teacher in the bottom toolbar.
  • Chat alert added when student send the message to teacher.
  • Live class Collaboration is more reliable now.
  • Same teacher joining same lesson from multiple places , teacher should have an option to switch the session from lesson 1 to lesson 2 rather than just blocking.
  • Same teacher joining different lesson from multiple places , teacher should have an option to end the meeting from lesson1 , start the meeting from lesson 2 rather than just blocking.
  • Same student join same lesson from multiple places , student should have an option to switch session from place1 to place 2 instead of just blocking.
  • Side menu bar will now scroll if space is limited and scroll bars will be shown.
  • Publishing lesson plan is now quicker.

September 2020

September 25

  • New Offline Assessment feature added.
  • Updated Assessment Builder UI.
  • Fixed an issue while upgrading license with license key.
  • Language preference menu for Kneura Cloud will now show only English and Hindi.

September 24

  • Single CBMS report now has PDF export option.
  • Pagination Sync and whiteboard bug fixes.
  • Reading tab updated in KSAR.
  • 1 month subscription plan added in payments.
  • Custom content ui updates added.

September 17

  • Updated Assessments Dashboard
  • Changed Scrollbar Design for windows in the side menu bar.
  • Lesson Delete toast Message Updated
  • Media and Doc Limit added (200MB). User is only allowed to add files less than 200MB.
  • Profile image update of student was affecting admin’s profile. This is now fixed.

September 10

  • Option for entering license key manually
  • App loading speed improvement for Admins, Teachers and Students.
  • Broadcast message issue is now fixed.
  • Removed default scrollbars for sidebar.
  • Increased the access token expiry time to 1000 hours.

September 9

  • User will now be able to change / upgrade plans from Kneura via our new Payments Module.
  • SBMS Feature - Now a teacher can see the complete report of the class for Online classes conducted.
  • Super admin feature is now added.
  • Loading speed improvement for the websites.
  • Parent guardian number update issue is now fixed.
  • Reset Password not sending email issue is now fixed.
  • Whiteboard loading performance improvements.

September 4

  • Go Live improvement
  • Auto collapse of canvas collaboration window
  • Fixes for global microphone control from teacher

August 2020

Aug 27

  • Optimized loading time for all apps
  • Teacher is restricted to go live from only one class at a time
  • Default behavior of collaboration panel is minimized now
  • Mycloud search for any non syllabus term is added
  • Parent App support

Aug 20

New Features:

  • Auto question generation feature for easily creating the Assessments just by using text.
  • Kneura Cloud, Kneura Teach and Kneura Learn load times are drastically reduced now.
  • Lessons and Live Classes can now directly be accessed from their corresponding notifications.
  • Third party video conferencing now supports push notifications and shows up in the Notifications list.
  • Third party video conferencing now supports any valid URL.

Improvements :

  • Fixed unexpected errors while on Dashboard, Whiteboard and Live Class which used to throw an error toast message.
  • Go Live and End Live Notifications will now be seen in the Notifications list.
  • Improved launching speed of Live Class.
  • Whiteboard now will not refresh when using the Live Class collaboration panel.
  • Fixed Audio minutes expired issue during Live Class.
  • Fixed audio minutes being shown as ‘0’ even after using the Live Class for more than a minute.
  • Fixed License expired issue while bulk uploading Students or Staff.
  • Student will not be able to re-take the assessment after submitting it via browser back button or via notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where students were able to mute / unmute themselves during Live Classes.
  • Redirection issue during signup is now fixed.

Aug 01

New Features:

  • Show Attendance Record: Staff can now see the overview of all the students’ attendance.
  • Download option: Download option for Windows, Android, iOS is now available inside the web app.

Improvements :

  • Horizontal scroll library added for whiteboard & Pagination issue fix.
  • Disable and enable whiteboard copy paste.
  • Content management: https URL validation in upload content popup.

July 2020

July 20

New Features:

  • Hindi Language Support: User can go to their profile and change language.
  • Guardian contact number: Now you can add a student’s parent contact detail.
  • BBB live class - fix for restricting teacher to take one live class at a time

Improvements :

  • Content upload progress bar.
  • Student Live class microphone toggle fix
  • Expiring content URL fix

July 13

New Features:

  • Video Conferencing : Now teacher can see all the students on his screen in the online class.
  • Screen Recording: Now a teacher can record the screen while teaching and share it anytime.
  • Class Stream: A common communication wall for teachers and students to text and discuss or clear queries anytime within the class.
  • Admin can easily do the bulk upload in the course management.