Feedback about Kneura from a client

  1. It needs high speed internet for smooth running of the online class. With 3G or 2G mobile internet, audio and video does not work properly.
  2. During the online class, if someone speaks there is no indication of mic visible which makes the Host to understand who is speaking in the class when the online user is in big number.
  3. No provision of automated attendance is available.
  4. No provision of time calculation is available like how much time the user remain in the class out of 60 minute duration.
  5. No provision of the number of user used the application in the day to be seen by admin with admin login.
  6. In the attendance download part in admin panel, no subject name or faculty name is mentioned in the downloaded excel sheet.
  7. There is very small limit provided to the faculty panel to upload document, Approx 20 mb.
  8. Online recording of lecture is not available as said earlier.
  9. Admin / faculty cannot upload a single excel sheet which can be visible in the dashboard of different user roll number wise, rather the whole sheet is visible.
  10. Muted student can still speak during the online class.
  11. Muting self on the student panel is not working properly.
  12. Live class gets disconnected multiple times during the online class.
  13. We need participant number, video and name of participants.